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web design consultant

Designed from scratch and custom programmed... a dying breed now extinct. But that was then... I'm strictly working with video and audio projects.

18 years of graphic design experience dating back to before the term "desktop publishing" was coined. This included the complete layout, illustration, and design for the University of Oklahoma Center for Economic and Community Development for the following seminars: Management Concepts for Economic Developers, Human Resource Management; and for Esso InterAmerica: ENSURE, TAPA (Trade Area Planning and Analysis) projects, and Go!! Getting Agreement Through Negotiation. Other projects included Program for Institutional Effectiveness and American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) presented by my father, Frank Mahoney.
programming experience

Over 20 years programming experi-ence and more than eight years programming Macintosh applications with fully featured, customized user interfaces allow me to carry forward that experience to website design.

From January 2002 to June 2003, I did all the client-side JavaScript programming for Modiphy, Inc. and a fair amount of server-side programming as well (PHP). [I'm in the process of preparing a portfolio — please check back in a few weeks.]

From December 2001, backwards:

Java, JavaScript, and HTML/DHTML for “web” applications. JARS ( rated software: cpHTML — HTML Color Picker; Various Screensavers (ports from Macintosh developed software): MesmerArt, PipeLines, Clock (analog style), QD Insanity. Sound-Logo™ — custom development for Dr. Enrique Moreno, Stanford University ( Developed Illusionary “transparent” applet. Netscape 4 JavaScript/DHTML specialist. Aided many in learning the basics of Java and JavaScript. Four years active contributions to related newsgroups on the WWW. Tutored college students in programming techniques with Java (resulting in A’s).

C (Macintosh):
Heavy concentration on GUI design and techniques — expert in Quickdraw color graphics. Many fully developed applications and code resources:
Algorithmic Composition Software: Evolution #9 [reviewed MacWorld Music & Sound Bible1]; Music Box [reviewed MacWorld Music & Sound Bible (ibid)]. Numerous MIDI based applications using interrupt level techniques. Custom code resources for windows, controls, menus, etc..., used in many of my applications.

Screensavers —
MesmerArt, Fireworks, Spotlights, Analog Clock, Cube, Glowworm (a.k.a. PipeDreams), PlanetWonder, QD Insanity, and several variations of IFC fractals. Fractal Explorer. Business Software — Custom software for statistical evaluation of surveys.

Other languages:
Pascal Macintosh
BASIC Macintosh, Apple //e, Atari 400, Timex/Sinclair 1000 (a.k.a., ZX81)
Assembler/Machine language Macintosh (68K), Apple //e, TS1000

1Christopher Yavelow, first printing, published by IDG Books, 1992. Reviews pp. 841 - 847

music background

Musician (studio/non-performing) 34+ years: (self-taught) guitarist, composer.

Guitar Styles practiced: Folk, Rock, Blues, Classical, Acoustic.

Three years of “classical” training (’89-’92) at Louisiana State University in 20th Century composition techniques, including electronic music and computer music, from Drs. Stephen D. Beck and Dinos Constantinedes.

Electronic Music (14 years): Built personal music studio consisting of 4 synthesizers and recording equipment connected to a Macintosh computer running Vision DSP and other music and MIDI related software, including Finale, and several applications personally programmed.

Experience mastering audio CDs.

Experimental: Algorithmic Composition

Multimedia: Post processing with Final Cut and Logic Pro

Other media:

Extensive background in professional level photography (30+ years). Digital photography. Full motion video (standard definition, but more than enough for internet purposes.)

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I provide custom, expert, professional web site design (website design), or graphic design, and other website services, such as hosting, domain registration, computer graphics, logo to type, custom music, custom audio, custom animation, and digital photography.

I am fluent in JavaScript, Java, C, HTML, DHTML, and other developer and development tools for programming, including: php, and, when pressed, I can manage making alterations and customizing perl source code. My code is often "slick" and my sites are very classy. I cannot stand to produce junk.

I have a long history with computer graphics and graphic design, beginning with desktop publishing (dtp) long before the term was coined, and illustration with software such as Fontographer long before Adobe Illustrator was available. I am adept with Photoshop and many other graphic packages for illustration and design (including PageMaker).

I am comfortable using Adobe LiveMotion for the creation of Flash and have the tools to create Quicktime animations and/or movies.

I have a relatively extensive sound studio which enables me to produce CD quality sound tracks to be used with Flash or Quicktime animations (or as mp3's or other audio format, like aiff).

I have a high quality digital camera and a camcorder for full motion video and the hardware and software needed to process and edit video and audio.

I can help you set up your domain and assist you with your domain registration, hosting company, and email accounts.

I provide my services as business to business (or b2b) and my target audience are business owners and executives using the latest browser software and technology along with broadband internet connections.

I am a full service developer. My business is full service development of internet based applications (mostly websites). My website design and programming services have a satisfaction guarantee with conditions (you may not use any part of the source or art work that I have prepared for your site if you are not satisfied with my output -- you gain the rights to all image materials and the site design/presentation upon full payment of the job, but not the programming source code for which you only retain a license for use -- your ownership of copyright for your site, prepared by me, protects my source code and your license for that source code. Source code cannot be reused or reapplied on any other site, or location, without my express written permission). If my work does not meet with your satisfaction, then any money advanced will be refunded; however, any materials or source provided during development must be return with a non-disclosure agreement and affidavit of deletion of all source and materials provided by Don't expect to get something for nothing.

List of clients

Tim's Guitar Repair & New Guitar, Amplifier, and Parts Sales: EMG Pickups, Seymour Duncan, Egnater, Reverend Guitars, Larrivee Guitars, Unk Guitars, George L, Bartolini, L.R. Baggs, D'Addario, Cort Guitar, Fishman, Stage 5
Tim's Guitar Workshop, Parts and Accessories: EMG Pickups, Seymour Duncan, Egnater, Reverend Guitars, Larrivee Guitars, Unk Guitars, George L, Bartolini, L.R. Baggs, D'Addario, Cort Guitar, Fishman, Stage 5
Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce
KKAY 1590 AM full service radio, Donaldsonville/White Castle and surrounding area
Global Radio KKAY - Reaching the World
West Bank Real Estate/West Bank Realty - James MacDonald Realtor serving Ascension, Iberville, East and West Baton Rouge parishes, including Donaldsonville, White Castle, Plaquemine, Port Allen, Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Addis, Bruslty, and surrounding areas

Acadian Genealogy - Tracing Acadian Roots - TwoMavericks
Site-Creations - Website Design - Baton Rouge - New Orleans - Donaldsonville
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